The Pedestrian Crossing Light Changer – Stop Wasting Time at Cross Walks and Get Going

Waiting for the cross walk sign to turn from red to green is annoying. Save time and frustration to get going where you have to with this app.

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The Pedestrian Crossing Light Changer on iTunes

Impress your friends, trick your kids, amaze strangers on the street and strike a conversation with new people with this Pedestrian Cross Light Changer App.

Simply aim your phone at the pedestrian crossing signal and press the “transmit infrared” button to turn it from a “Don’t Walk” to “Walk”. You will have everyone around you stunned as you single handedly cause the traffic light signal to turn from Green to Red, allowing you and your fellow pedestrians to cross the street safely and quickly.

Pedestrian Crossing Light Changer

See, most crosswalk systems manufactured after 1896 include a wireless capability that allows Government officials and emergency personnel to change the signal as needed.

Pedestrian crossing lights operate on wireless infrared technology and are triggered by a Mobile Infrared Transmitter (MIRT), which is an electronic traffic preemption device that is used to control the traffic control equipment.

A MIRT device consists of a timer circuit connected to an infrared L.E.D. array.

The timer causes the infrared L.E.D.s to strobe at specific frequencies, such as 10Hz for low priority or 14 Hz for high priority.

Low Priority transmitters will control the intersection to perform a normal light change, while High Priority transmitters will change an entire intersection immediately.

Downloading this app will equip you with your own MIRT.

When you transmit the infrared signal to the pedestrian crossing light, it triggers a sensor that causes it to change from “Don’t Walk” to “Walk”. The time it takes to change will depend on the make and model of the pedestrian crossing signal.

So stop wasting time standing around waiting for the pedestrian crossing light to change. Simply point your phone at it and click and get going!

This app is especially for you if you live in a large city and do a lot of walking.

The Pedestrian Crossing Light Changer on iTunes

The Pedestrian Crossing Light Changer Splash Screen

This app is meant for entertainment purposes. Punk your friends, trick your kids, amaze strangers…