Day 1 Sales Report – Max Lift One Rep Max Calculator iPhone App

June 14, 2012

Despite not getting maximum exposure in the Apple iTunes store, the Max Lift One Rep Max Calculator did just fine on its first day of release in the iTunes app store. 2 weeks into the app’s release, we went back to check the day 1 sales report in our iTunes Connect developer’s dashboard and were […]

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How to Maximize a Brand New App’s Exposure on iTunes

June 7, 2012

As difficult as it is to get an app approved by Apple’s VERY picky staff, getting a brand new app approved in Apple’s iTunes stores is just the beginning of your journey to profitability. With an ever growing (saturated) pool of apps (and only getting worse), how does YOUR app find the time of the […]

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Max Lift One Rep Max Calculator APPROVED FOR SALE on Apple iTunes

June 1, 2012

It’s early Friday evening and we received a nice weekend present from Apple. We opened our inbox and saw the following message header… Max Lift, the one rep max calculator has been approved for sale on iTunes. Very exciting! If you are curious about how Apple communicates app status/approval, see the image below…. As you can […]

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iPhone App Rejection Notice from Apple – Lesson Learned

May 27, 2012

Thankfully the design and development of the Max Lift iPhone app had gone painlessly until recently when we submitted our app to the iTunes store. Few days back  we received a message from Apple in our inbox indicating that our binary (submission file) has been rejected. This is what the message looked like: Disappointing to say the […]

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Max Lift One Rep Max Calculator Pending Apple Review

May 23, 2012

A much, much, much awaited update that should’ve came much sooner! We are finally breathing some fresh air after having submitted the One Rep Max Calculator app to Apple for review. This is our very first iPhone application and the entire team has their fingers crossed. You can view a demo of this app here. […]

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