Muscle Trigger Points Massage Therapy

by Admin on February 2, 2015

The Muscle Trigger Points Massage Therapy iPhone App is an extensive compilation of common trigger points in a human body and their related referral patterns. When pain exists in a human body, it can generally be alleviated or mitigated through massage therapy by focusing on key trigger points that cause the pain. Unfortunately, most people do not know where these trigger points are. Many massage therapists also often struggle to truly pin point the appropriate areas of the body to work on in order to relieve specific types of pain in specific areas of the body. This App helps overcome all such challenges.

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Trigger points are the areas within the body’s muscle groups that cause pain to be felt elsewhere in the body. This App helps individuals and massage practitioners alike identify the relevant trigger points and focus on them for pain relief. This App is great for individuals who are interested in self healing methods, massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, or anyone else interested in finding the cause of their muscular pain and how to relieve it.

This App features hundreds of trigger points throughout the entire body and shows you each trigger point’s corresponding referral patterns (where the pain could exist in the body. Not only will you be able to visually see the pain areas and trigger points, you will also be able to read about each (their causes and remedies). Further, you will find recommended exercises to prevent or mitigate such pain.

To use the App, simply open the app, point to the area of pain, and be taken to a menu that shows you the trigger point you need to work on, why and how.

For massage therapists, this App allows you to simply ask your clients/patients where they are experiencing pain, and then quickly find the trigger point with the use of the app and get to work.

Easy to use / intuitive, great in-depth visuals, extensive explanations, thorough insights and affordable.

You cannot afford NOT to own this App if you are a massage therapist. Simply ask your patient the area of pain and quickly identify the trigger point to deliver pain relief immediately.

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Muscle Trigger Points

Muscle Trigger PointsMuscle Trigger Points Trigger Points 1 Trigger Points 2


An update has been long due. We will get into more granular details in the next update, but we wanted to quickly update you on the current going ons with us.

As you likely saw we released App #3, both a free and paid version. You can read more about it here.

App #4 is currently in testing stages and we are anticipating an October release. This App will sell for more than $2 and it is meant for a professional niche. More details coming on this shortly.

Traffic has continued to increase to all Apps, and thus sales have also increased over time. We are embedding more cross sell and up sell opportunities and we expect to increase sales even more the more Apps we get out there on iTunes.

We have also gotten involved in ebook self publication on platforms like the Kindly and Barnes and Noble. WE love this because the process is a one and done approach similar to App development. You produce it once and let it hang on the distribution platforms and let sales trickle in.

These platforms have several millions of hungry consumers waiting for the next new release. We have released 2 ebooks and both are doing very well. The next step is to convert them into audio books so folks can download them similar to podcasts on iTunes. We don’t plan on discussing ebooks here as this site is dedicated to our App projects.

Next steps…

After the release of App #4, we will take a step back and take the 2 best performing Apps and build Android versions of them. So far we don’t have any of our Apps on the Google platform, but will soon be there as well. We hope to double sales – one would think?

Good news is that all our Apps except the newest App #3 are in the BLACK. We have long ago recouped all costs and are benefiting from residual passive income over time. We anticipate Apps #3 and #4 to provide a similar experience.

See you in the next update.


Right in between of after releasing App #2 and before releasing App #3 we were approached by a local business to develop an App that would support their customer base and provide a convenience to already existing customers.

We were approached by a safety construction company that designs and implements EXIT signage and routes in buildings. What they wanted was a way for their existing customers to determine how much certain upgrades would cost them. A customer would be able to type in basic parameters in the App such as the size (square footage), number of doors, stories, etc to their building and the type of safety configuration they desire.

The App would then calculate the time and material (cost) of implementing the plan and provide an output (figure) right away. Similarly prospective customers would be able to get an estimate right away using the App. The App would be in the Apple iTunes store for download and immediate usage. Users don’t have to be existing customers.  Another similar story is that the brother of one of our founders approached us to develop an App where his customers would be able to order directly from the App. You can read more about that story here.

Since then, a couple other business owners have been following us on Facebook and Twitter, and one reached out for a similar proposal. They were told about us by the first business owner that came into contact with us.  So where are we going with this? Well we accepted the multiple offers and have started the process of developing Apps for these businesses. We hope to capitalize on our experience and connections, as well as profit from this activity.

For the sake of transparency (the business owners are also well aware of this), the profits from the two projects are as follows:

Business App # 1: $2,700

Business App # 2: $3,250

These numbers are net of all development and Apple related expenses incurred.

It’s amazing how opportunities just fall into your lap when you take action and put yourself out there. Doors are opening up in areas we hadn’t foreseen. We are not sure this is something we want to do regularly as yet, but it’s certainly nice to know that we will be developing more Apps in the near future.

Why? Because we have a slight predicament and a conflict of interest with our own goals and objectives. We thought long and hard whether we wanted to take on these offers or just let go. Understanding one’s priorities is key, and we have learned that the more you say No and remain focused on your goals, the more you succeed.

However we also wanted to experience. So we decided to take up these offers, with the understanding that this will likely not turn into a long term and sustainable segment of our business. It sure can, but we choose not to for various reasons. One thing is for sure, other than word of mouth, we will not solicit or accept any other business of this kind.

See when we started this experiment we wanted to create some passive income streams and income producing assets through Apps that can be downloaded and used on a residual basis long after the development process.  As it is we are already trading our hours for dollars in our day to day jobs, so why take on more of it? Perhaps working for $ will take all the fun out of it? Yet another reason why we don’t want to continue on this path.  We are mainly doing this for fun and self satisfaction, not to create another job.

That said, these businesses are relatively high profile in our community in spite of their size, and the relationships we build can lead to several other more wonderful opportunities down the road. We don’t want to give up the opportunity cost. Hopefully the 2 businesses allow us to display and discuss the Apps here on Real Cool Apps. If they do, we will definitely be back to update you on this topic.

“The harder I work, the luckier I get”

Sound familiar?


You likely noticed a very detailed and more involved iPhone App icon for our new Coin Toss Control App.

Yes, we spent a  lot of time contemplating how we want the icon to look and feel, from the colors, the design/image, the slight tilt you see in the coin and a look where it seems like the coin is popping out of the screen.

Below are all sorts of screen shots of the various different App icons we experimented with. We interviewed several of our friends and family, including a Facebook survey soliciting feedback on the icon’s design and determine which icon people liked the most. We went with the popular choice, which also happened to be ours as well 🙂

Have you ever looked at the new and noteworthy section in iTunes that features random Apps? These Apps are by no means best sellers. These Apps all have one thing in common.

Their icons are amazing, super detailed and eye catching. Let’s see how Apple treats our App icon this time around. Getting picked up in the new and noteworthy section of iTunes can be a game changer for Apps. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

This is not hearsay either or simply our own observation. We have friends in this space who have had their Apps picked up by Apple in the new and noteworthy section.

Their feedback has also been consistent with our understanding. The extra time, effort and cost involved in thinking through and developing your App’s icon can be well worth the incremental effort. We are excited to see how this experiment pans out for us.  The saying that a book is judged by its cover holds true in many situations such as this.

We’ve spent a lot of time on this icon and think we have a pretty good professional design here. It’s our best App icon to date. This doesn’t mean our other App icons are bad per se, but they definitely could be better. We may be revising them down the road, but first we want to see how this one performs.

Of course it’s hard to sell how sales are impacted unless we test different types of icons and measure conversions (visits or views to the App vs the number of downloads). Apple just doesn’t provide that level of detail. We wished they did as developers and marketers would be much more successful in their business.

Here are the images – ENJOY!

The Coin Toss Control iPhone App on iTunes The Coin Toss Control iPhone App on iTunes The Coin Toss Control iPhone App on iTunes The Coin Toss Control iPhone App on iTunes The Coin Toss Control iPhone App on iTunes The Coin Toss Control iPhone App on iTunes The Coin Toss Control iPhone App on iTunes The Coin Toss Control iPhone App on iTunes The Coin Toss Control iPhone App on iTunes The Coin Toss Control iPhone App on iTunes The Coin Toss Control iPhone App on iTunes The Coin Toss Control iPhone App on iTunes The Coin Toss Control iPhone App on iTunes The Coin Toss Control iPhone App on iTunes



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