Frequently Asked Questions

Just a brief list of some questions you may be wondering about:

Who are We?

Just a bunch of dudes trying to have fun with app development. We all have “day jobs” or do something else for a living. None of us are IT grads or work in fields remotely even related to technology, but then again you can make the argument that everyone works in technology these days.

Why are We Developing Apps?

Because it’s fun! Plus you never know if you have the next Angry Birds “in hand” (pun intended).  Not even close . . . our apps are plain and simple and no where near any Birds or Eagles.  The app world has been growing leaps and bounds and we thought it’d be cool to claim a stake in it for ourselves, even if it was a small piece of the pie. A small piece of a very very big pie would still be nice?

We looked around the app world and saw some of the silliest stuff that made it online. So we thought if they can do it why can’t we? We are creative and smart enough to put up a usable product, so why not? We don’t know where this experiment will take us. We may not do well, but what’s there to lose? We either pay tax to Uncle Sam or experiment with something fun and just write it off during tax time 🙂

Why Don’t We Develop Apps Ourselves?

Because we don’t know how to.  Can we learn? Sure. But why recreate the wheel when there are so many out there already. We don’t want to take / waste the time to learn and go through the growing pains.  We all do something else for a living and we are very good at it. We’d rather spend our time improving what we are already good at.

We are doing the world a favor by outsourcing app development. We are creating jobs, the apps will be much better / polished, release much quicker and likely perform much better.  Not bashing any app developers at all.  We love app developers and admire them for all they know and do, but we simply don’t have the appetite to do it ourselves.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App?

Depends on what you want your app to do, how smart you want it to be and how you want it to look like.  It’s not cheap by any means. You can easily spend $3,000 on a simple app, and north of $10,000 on a somewhat simple app 🙂

You typically set up a project and a payment plan with the developer you’re working with. You pay a portion / percentage of total each time a milestone is reached.  All developers have different pricing scales and payment terms, so it just depends on who you work with.

App creation is not only an investment of dollars, but it also takes a lot of time to bring to fruition. There are several steps involved in the process even after your app is developed.  So pack in a lot of patience if you are going to pursue this.

How Did You Come Up With Your App Ideas?

We talk about this under each application’s page on our website. Each app is so unique in what it is, how it works and how / why it was conceived. What’s interesting is not once did we sit down to brainstorm “what would be a killer app to develop”.  So while our apps are useful, there is / was a big randomness factor to conceiving the ideas behind them.

What’s the Biggest Risk in Developing Apps?

There are a few.  Loss of time. Loss of money. Plenty of frustration. App development is not for the desperate, especially if you’re doing it part time like we are.  Don’t get into it for the money or you’ll hate it. Get into it for the fun and adrenaline rush (nothing like seeing your app go live and the sales come in).

Biggest of all, especially if you’re Gung Ho is that a developer may take your idea and run away with it.

Most apps don’t see the light of the day, so again, DO NOT go into it just for the money. You will likely come out on the short end.

How Do You Prevent a Developed from Stealing Your App Idea?

You cannot. You have to take this risk if you want to play in this space like we do. That said, there are a couple things you can do to mitigate the changes of “idea theft”.

1) Always have a NDA – non disclosure agreement signed before you share your idea in detail. Sure, it’s just a piece of paper, especially if you hire a developer overseas, but a piece of paper carefully put together and represented well carries a bit of a perception that you mean business.

2) Hire only professional companies / firms.  A professional firm is less likely to engage in idea theft. Why? Because they have a big name brand to protect. If anyone gets wind of their scammy tendencies, they can lose their entire business. Just not worth it to them.

Remember, most apps don’t see the light of the day, so many professional developers are content developing apps and getting paid for it. They’d rather trade their hours for dollars than gamble on an idea that doesn’t pay off.

What’s Your Advice for Anyone Who Has a Good App Idea But No Programming Expertise?

Find a good friend who knows how to develop an app, or find a good app developer and become their best friend. Wine them, dine them, and….

No really, get it on paper, draft out the design, flow out the work flow and research to see if there are apps similar to it. If all goes well, hire a developer and fly with your idea. Pick up some books on how to develop an app or how to outsource app development. Go into it prepared and you should be fine.

Again, app development is not for the desperate. Go into it for the fun, and make sure you can afford to loose the time and money you will invest into the venture.

If you are interested in giving it a shot yourself, Apple provides a Software Developer Kit (SDK) for free when you sign up on the iOS developer platform.  It costs $99 per year.

Is There a Lot of Money in Apps?

Heard of Angry Birds?  There can be.  We like to look at this in three tiers

1) There are apps that will never make a penny – this is most apps online

2) There are apps that will make decent money. Decent is anywhere from $25 bucks a month to $250,000 bucks a month.  Why is $25 decent? Because it’s pure passive income.  You set it and forget it and let the cash come in. Not really. There is a lot that goes into app marketing, unless you have something that goes viral like the flu.

3) Then there are apps that will make as much as Greece does and then some more. This would be roughly .00000001253681% of the apps out there.  These are the Fruit Ninjas, iFarts and Angry Birds of the world.