Electronic Notary Journal (eJournal) on iTunes. Boost Productivity

The Electronic Notary Journal (eNotary) is a mobile, simple to use application that will keep you in compliance with recording and securely storing your notarial transactions as per guidelines issued laws such as National Mortgage Settlement, Federal Regulations and State specific notary laws.

Electronic Notary Journal on iTunes

This app was designed by a notary firm that we have partnered with on this project. We interviewed over 35 professional notaries and travelling notaries. All the valuable need based feedback has been incorporated in this app to make your life safer and easier while making you more money at the same time.

No more messy and heavy notebooks and files to drag with you. No more lost, forgotten or misplaced business records. This one sits in your pocket so you are always prepared no matter where you are and what you are doing. 100% safe. You no longer need locked file cabinets either.

This app is so simple even a 9 year old can use it in just 4 easy steps.

1) Enter your client’s information all in one screen
2) Take a picture of your client’s Identification (ID)
3) Take your client’s signature
4) Mail the entire record to your email inbox!

The entire process takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

This app is extremely intuitive, easy to use and portable. Not only do you save tons of time, but YOU WILL IMPRESS YOUR CLIENTS!

Electronic Notary Journal iPhone App on iTunes


-More free time to get around to more clients and make more money
-Savings resulting from not having to purchase books, journals, files, secured storage
-Safety, security and peace of mind
-Much more…

Electronic Notary Journal on iTunes


1) Data Entry of Client Information: This screen allows you to enter the date of your visit, your client’s information, fees charged, purpose of the transaction, etc. See image below.

2) Taking Pictures: This screen allows you to take pictures of your client’s photo identifications such as driver’s license, passport, etc. See image below.

3) Signature: This screen allows you to have your client sign the transaction right on your device’s screen using their finger. See image below.

4) Mail: This function allows you to send the entire transaction record to your inbox with one click once you are finished. You can retrieve the entire record/file from your email inbox at your convenience.

TIP: Many notaries create an email account just for their notarial transactions and relevant records. All such emails are sent to this one email address which serves as an ongoing repository of transactions.

Have a look at the clean interface below (Note: there are more screens that this in the actual app). Simply enter your client’s info, take their signature right on your mobile device, take a picture of their ID and hit the MAIL SEND button and you are done!!

Electronic Notary Journal iPhone App on iTunes Flash Screen

Electronic Notary Journal iPhone App on iTunes User Input Screen