Muscle Trigger Points Massage Therapy

by Admin on February 2, 2015

The Muscle Trigger Points Massage Therapy iPhone App is an extensive compilation of common trigger points in a human body and their related referral patterns. When pain exists in a human body, it can generally be alleviated or mitigated through massage therapy by focusing on key trigger points that cause the pain. Unfortunately, most people do not know where these trigger points are. Many massage therapists also often struggle to truly pin point the appropriate areas of the body to work on in order to relieve specific types of pain in specific areas of the body. This App helps overcome all such challenges.

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Trigger points are the areas within the body’s muscle groups that cause pain to be felt elsewhere in the body. This App helps individuals and massage practitioners alike identify the relevant trigger points and focus on them for pain relief. This App is great for individuals who are interested in self healing methods, massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, or anyone else interested in finding the cause of their muscular pain and how to relieve it.

This App features hundreds of trigger points throughout the entire body and shows you each trigger point’s corresponding referral patterns (where the pain could exist in the body. Not only will you be able to visually see the pain areas and trigger points, you will also be able to read about each (their causes and remedies). Further, you will find recommended exercises to prevent or mitigate such pain.

To use the App, simply open the app, point to the area of pain, and be taken to a menu that shows you the trigger point you need to work on, why and how.

For massage therapists, this App allows you to simply ask your clients/patients where they are experiencing pain, and then quickly find the trigger point with the use of the app and get to work.

Easy to use / intuitive, great in-depth visuals, extensive explanations, thorough insights and affordable.

You cannot afford NOT to own this App if you are a massage therapist. Simply ask your patient the area of pain and quickly identify the trigger point to deliver pain relief immediately.

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Muscle Trigger Points

Muscle Trigger PointsMuscle Trigger Points Trigger Points 1 Trigger Points 2

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