iPhone App Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales – Facebook Share, Upsell, Cross Sell

by Admin on August 18, 2013

There are many ways iPhone Apps can be leveraged for marketing purposes. For example, some businesses have apps developed for their customer base, as a goodwill to make conducting business easier.

The App itself may not be monetized, but is a conduit to other avenues of monetization, such as assisting in purchasing / selling products and services offered by the business.

For example, one of our Partner’s brother is in the produce selling business. He reached out to us with the interest in building an App through which his customers can order produce.

The customer simply types in the quantity and the App calculates the pricing and provides a delivery date/time.  The business gets notified and its employees can subsequently prepare and deliver the produce to the customer.

Some other examples of leveraging Apps for marketing purposes include upgrading from a free version to a paid version for more features, or paying an extra amount to unlock secret levels (common with game Apps). Many Apps lure you in with free downloads, and then attempt to sell products and services on the back end.

In our latest App, Control Coin Toss, we decided to incorporate a few marketing mediums of our own. We decided to release two version of the App, a free and a paid version.  Our free version includes in it advertisements from which we generate ad revenue.  Read this article to learn how we do that.

This model is commonly also referred to as the Freemium model.  If the user finds the ads annoying and does not want them, he or she can upgrade to the paid version. This is how the ad looks for example:

Coin Toss Control on iTunes

Another marketing strategy we have embeeded in this app is the Facebook share button.  This allows users to share the App with their Facebook friends in the event they enjoy it and want to. Here is how it looks on the App:


This Share icon is not always visible.  We strategically coded it to appear as soon as the user is finished using the App. This is because it is at this stage that the user is likely to be wowed by the App’s functionality and therefore is more likely to share it with their friends.

We will be introducing a pop up message in version 2 of the app so that a user can upgrade to the paid version. This is called an up selling strategy.

We have also embedded a cross selling strategy. This is how. Our user interface has a button that reads “More Apps”. When clicked, it takes the user to this page on our website. As you can see all our Apps are listed out on this page.

A user may therefore click on another App and make a purchase on the spot, leading to cross selling opportunities. This strategy is most effective if you are selling complimentary products and services. For example, a customer who purchases a bird house is also likely to purchase bird seeds. This is how the More Apps button looks in our App.

Coin Toss Control on iTunes

iPhone Apps can be used for various marketing purposes depending on the businesses end goal. As an entrepreneur, the most important thing is to first realize what your goals and objectives are, and then use this (yet another) form of technology as a marketing medium to raise awareness of your business and its offerings.

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