Coin Toss Control Approved and Live on iTunes App Store

by Admin on August 17, 2013

The Apple Developer platform finally opened up again after what seemed like a very long time in maintenance. Yes, we had the Coin Toss Control app finalized but couldn’t submit it due to Apple’s internal issues. Well the wait is now over and Coin Toss Control is live on the Apple iTunes App store.

If you’ve been following our Facebook page you may have seen glimpses of the app, its user interface, some of the new features we are testing such as cross selling and up selling (more in a later post), etc. You have also seen the various icons we designed and tested, and the final one we decided to go with.

Here it is, with the close runner up right behind it…

Coin Toss Control iPhone AppThe Coin Toss Control iPhone App on iTunes


The blue shaded design won the toss (no pun intended) because it nicely matches the user interface of the App. We solicited feedback from our followers and potential users and everyone leaned toward the winning App icon. More on why selecting the right App icon is critical in a later post.

Our strategy with this one is to offer a paid version for .99 cents and a FREEMIUM version – a free version with ads with an option to upgrade (up sell) to a paid, no ads version of the app. We are also testing a couple features such as cross selling and Facebook share option embedded within the App. More details on this later.

So what does this App allow you to do? It allows you to CHEAT discretely without anyone knowing so you never loose a coin toss outcome again.


Here is what the iTunes App store reads about the App:

Want to always win a heads or tails outcome?

Use this App to get your way with your friends when a coin flip decides the outcome of your argument.

Who carries coins in their pockets anymore? Use this App to flip a coin just like you’d toss a real one. You no longer need a real coin to decide heads or tails. 

Simply fire up the app, jerk the phone up and down and watch the coin flip like a real coin and land to either a heads or tails.

App features a 25 cent (Quarter) USA coin that looks real, realistic flipping motion accompanied by realistic sounds.

Total cost of developing this App including UI/graphics, testing, etc was just under $1,500. We plan on recouping the investment within the first 6 to 8 months of the App, with all subsequent proceeds as residual passive income.  We already have several improvements planned for V2, which we will release within the first 6 months of the App.

Sign up for our newsletter if you’re not yet. We gave away some promo codes for users to download the paid version of the App for free.

You can check out the App in more detail here and download your own copy for only .99 cents.

See you soon with another update.

App #4 (useful for Notaries) in final testing stages. Will be releasing it shortly as well. Stay tuned!

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