August 2013 Status, Sales Trends and Upcoming Activities

by Admin on August 22, 2013

An update has been long due. We will get into more granular details in the next update, but we wanted to quickly update you on the current going ons with us.

As you likely saw we released App #3, both a free and paid version. You can read more about it here.

App #4 is currently in testing stages and we are anticipating an October release. This App will sell for more than $2 and it is meant for a professional niche. More details coming on this shortly.

Traffic has continued to increase to all Apps, and thus sales have also increased over time. We are embedding more cross sell and up sell opportunities and we expect to increase sales even more the more Apps we get out there on iTunes.

We have also gotten involved in ebook self publication on platforms like the Kindly and Barnes and Noble. WE love this because the process is a one and done approach similar to App development. You produce it once and let it hang on the distribution platforms and let sales trickle in.

These platforms have several millions of hungry consumers waiting for the next new release. We have released 2 ebooks and both are doing very well. The next step is to convert them into audio books so folks can download them similar to podcasts on iTunes. We don’t plan on discussing ebooks here as this site is dedicated to our App projects.

Next steps…

After the release of App #4, we will take a step back and take the 2 best performing Apps and build Android versions of them. So far we don’t have any of our Apps on the Google platform, but will soon be there as well. We hope to double sales – one would think?

Good news is that all our Apps except the newest App #3 are in the BLACK. We have long ago recouped all costs and are benefiting from residual passive income over time. We anticipate Apps #3 and #4 to provide a similar experience.

See you in the next update.

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