October Update: Grass Roots Marketing, App #2 Status & Incorporation

by Admin on October 6, 2012

Back with another update

Lots going on this month and wanted to fill you in since we did not release an update in September. September was dedicated to finalizing App # 2, which has finally been submitted to Apple for review. More on this below…

September was also dedicated to transitioning from an individual developer account under one of our partner’s names to a legal entity account – a corporation. More on this below as well…

Most importantly, September was also dedicated to some light search engine optimization initiatives and a grass roots marketing initiative that really caught on well for us. Let’s get into the details…

Grass Roots Marketing

It’s very easy to forget tried, tested and proven traditional marketing methods in today’s digital age. During our team meeting couple months back we decided to embark on one such traditional marketing method.

The Max Lift One Rep Max Calculator App is one specifically used by gym goers. So we decided to order some shirts with our App’s advertisement and distribute it to our friends who go to the gym. We ordered about 25 of these and mailed them out to our buddies.

We had some pretty good coupons to use and each shirt ended up costing us under $10. This is how the shirts look like – click to enlarge

Max Lift One Rep Max Extraordinaire Gym Wear

Max Lift One Rep Max Extraordinaire Gym Wear

The Back Side of the Max Lift One Rep Max T Shirt

The Back Side of the Max Lift One Rep Max T Shirt

The wrinkles are there because this shirt belongs to one of our partners who had already worn it to the gym a few times.

In a previous update we demonstrated a breakdown of our website traffic. As you saw most people found us through search engines.

Since the distribution of these T shirts, direct hits to the website had shot up significantly. Sales have also shot up significantly. Although there is no way we can get into the granular details, we are seeing a direct correlation in direct hit traffic to the increase in sales.

We are also seeing traffic and sales from organic searches steadily increase. We expect this trend of continue with our search engine optimization efforts.

In conclusion, grass roots marketing works even for iPhone apps.

Application #2 Status Update

Our second iPhone application was supposed to be the Smart People Profiler which has been placed on the back burner. We are continuing to refine the underlying logic of this app by speaking to more professionals in the psychotherapy and interrogation fields.

Instead, we recently submitted another iPhone app to Apple which is currently under review. We are not saying much about this app except here is a hint:

Real Cool Apps LLC App # 2 Submitted and Under Review

Guess What Our Next App Does?


This app was also delayed due to Apple’s release of the iPhone 5 and the IO 6 operating system, both of which impacted the image dimension requirements for compatibility purposes.

Nonetheless, the app is under review and we have our fingers crossed. Here is the notice from Apple.

App # 2 Submitted and Under Review by Apple

Legal Entity Incorporation

Finally, something we have been meaning to do for a while now is convert our Apple iTunes Developer account from an individual to a corporation account.  We are a corporation behind the scenes, so we wanted to reflect that up front as well.

The reason we started with an individual account is because it’s much easier to get that approved by Apple. Once approved, one can transition into a corporate account much quicker than it would take for someone to apply as a corporation to begin with. The reasons we converted to a corporation are many to say the least and way beyond the scope of this update. Your tax accountant and lawyer will be happy to explain the list to you.

To do what we’ve done, you will need legal paperwork demonstrating that you are a corporation. You will need a DUNS number (D&B or Dun & Bradstreet) as well as an EIN – Employer Identification Number. You can get these on your own by spending some time researching and applying, or engage a legal professional to help you. It helps to have an Accounting and Finance professional on our team who handled this process all on his own 🙂

Couple weeks back Apple approved our application and we have since gone from an individual account to a bona fide United States Corporation. Woohooo!

Feels Super to be legit! Here is how our apps now look in the iTunes app store:

Real Cool Apps LLC on Apple iTunes

Notice the Seller name as “Real Cool Apps, LLC”. Now that is solid.

See you in the next update


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