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by Admin on October 20, 2012

Back with some really good news. App #2 is live and available for download on iTunes.

You may have seen the hints and preview posts on our Facebook page about this app. Our Facebook page and email updates are the best way to stay abreast of most recent developments on our end.

This app is the Pedestrian Crossing Light Changer, which allows you to turn the red signal into green when stopped at pedestrian cross walks so you can stop waiting and get moving.

Yes, you can turn the “Don’t Walk” to “Walk” in just a few seconds.

Here it is…

Pedestrian Crossing Light Changer

And here is how you use it (click to enlarge):

(click image to enlarge)

You can read all about this app here. And you can access this app absolutely for free for a limited time only here.

There are two versions of this app on iTunes. One version has ads showing on it while the other does not.

So why have we developed an iPhone application that is free to download? Here is why…

You Can Be Making Money With Free iPhone Apps Too

Any platform that gets the attention of viewers’ eyes has the potential to make money from advertising. Just like magazines charge money to display and add on their pages, and websites to display ads online, Apple also charges vendors to display their ads on their applications.

So while one revenue model with iPhone apps is to flat our charge for your application, another is to provide it for free and display ads on it. Our first application, Max Lift, is doing very well in terms of revenues from sales because it’s a paid app. Time will tell how the Pedestrian Crossing Light Changer will do with the freemium model.

Companies normally pay per add impression and sometimes per add click (when a user/viewer clicks on an add). Each time an impression is served, or an add is clicked, the app generates advertising revenue for its developer/owner.

The success of our free iPhone app will be strictly based on volume of downloads. The more downloads, the more users, the more ads and the more revenues.

The Apple iAd Network

Most of Google’s multi billion dollars in annual revenues come from their Adwords network, which is an ad network through which vendors of sorts pay Google to display ads. Google turns around and publishes those ads on various private networks such as websites people own. Google then splits the revenue share with the website owner.

Here are how Google ads look like on websites you browse every day:

Google Adsense Ads

(Click to enlarge image: Notice the Ads by Google logo on the top left of the ad?)

Similarly, Apple entered the ad serving market by establishing their iAd network.

Here are how Apple iAd network ads look like on iPhone applications:


(Click to enlarge image: Notice the iAd logo on the bottom right of the ad?)

Each time a website is viewed, or an app is used, it generates an ad impression, which can also lead to a potential click through (pay out rates are often times higher when someone clicks).

Where did we get the idea to try something like this out?

A couple of our partners own static information based websites that generate passive income by displaying Google Adsense ads. We have taken their successful experiences with the web based model and brought it over to the iPhone app world. We are hoping this turns out to be a successful experiment as well for us!

So far so good. Day 1 downloads were 70. Day 2 were 40.

The app already has 10 five star ratings and reviews on iTunes.

We are hopeful the trajectory remains positive.

Our total cost of developing the app, not including time and labor was roughly $400. The app took approximately 3 months to develop, test, fix bugs and get approved in the Apple iTunes store.

The app is usable on both the iPad and the iPhone and is compatible with the new iPhone 5 and IO6.

TIP: Remember, you can make money with free iPhone apps as well as paid iPhone apps. Don’t discount free apps right off the bat without trying them. Something that is offered for free will likely get many more downloads as we are seeing in the initial stages of our new free iPhone app already.

Till next time . . .

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