August Update, Sales Trends, Traffic Breakdown & Next App in Progress

by Admin on August 18, 2012

It’s bee a while since we’ve posted an update. We’ve been tied up designing our newest app, which is currently in development stages. We are looking forward to beta testing the app in the coming weeks.

This new app is meant for people that live in larger cities where walking is predominant. Someone living and working in New York or Chicago would be a perfect candidate, while someone living in Dallas or Wisconsin may not.

What does the app do? It will make your life easier, more efficient and less stressful. With the warp speed at which the world moves today, one thing we don’t have much of is time. This app is meant to put more time back in your life by “cutting out waste, or the dead time”. It’s a fun app that can be used to wow your friends and family, especially kids if you have any.

We don’t want to divulge too much to give it away, so stay tuned for the next update where we will disclose the app and walk through its functionality. We will likely also release a video similar to what we did for the Max Lift app.

Website Traffic Sources

Up till now all traffic to our website and apps on the site as well as on iTunes has been purely through referral traffic coming from sources like app directories, Facebook, Twitter and similar sites. This means people mostly found us through word of mouth, or reading about us somewhere where someone decided to write about us for some reason 🙂

We have been working on some search engine optimization (SEO) behind the scenes and are starting to see the effects of that on our business. As you will see in the sales figures below, an increase in traffic has correlated to an increase in app sales. Traffic and profitability are always directly correlated, although conversion percentage is not.

Because iTunes does not allow traffic and conversion tracking functionality, it is difficult for us to track conversions. In other words, what percentage of our visitors are converting into customers, where those customers are coming from, how they found us, etc. Understanding such intelligence allows one to optimize resources on more profitable advertising avenues and cut out less effective mediums.

So here is our traffic breakdown…

August Traffic Breakdown

Almost 10% of traffic coming from organic search results is a good sign. For a 2-3 month old site this breakdown is pretty stellar and we are happy with it, considering no effort until recently has been made on our end from an SEO perspective.

Interesting to see what keywords and phrases people are finding us for. These are the search terms they type in search engines and our site comes up. Very neat.

Let’s have a look at where the biggest chunk, the referral traffic is coming from…

Traffic Sources

These are some pretty cool stats to look at.  We had 513 visitors to the site. The average visitor viewed over 2 pages and stayed on the site over 3 minutes. Again, stellar results. Anything over 1 minute of viewing time is solid. Almost 63% were brand new visits. Google is #4 on the list of sites that sent traffic to us, with a total of 42 visitors.

Have a look at #11. It is interesting to see that those who found us on Apple iTunes are the ones that spent the most amount of time on our website. This is awesome. We deliberately included links on our iTunes sales page to our website. This is a fine strategy. Most developers don’t do this because most don’t have their own web presence.

Thus, the links on their iTunes listing are generic links pointing to support pages. We have our support page embedded into our website. Good move in retrospect. It is not a coincidence that those coming from iTunes are also the ones viewing the most number of pages on our site, at over 4 pages per visitor.

Max Lift Sales Trends

Now for the real good stuff. If you’ve followed previous updates you can tell that traffic to the site and the iTunes store is picking up (and we are just now starting with SEO). This is good news.

No matter what business you are conducting online, or offline, your visitor traffic will always be directly correlated to your sales. We are seeing the same results for our Max Lift One Rep Max Calculator iPhone application.

Have a look at the recent sales trend in August:

August Sales Trend

This trend extrapolates to roughly 140 sales per month. At .99c each month will generate roughly $139. It is not the number we expect or will end up with by the time this app is fully marketed, but these numbers are excellent for not having done much work to this point.

To put things in perspective, these sales are generated automatically with no effort whatsoever on our end. We will likely break even a lot sooner that we expected on this app, in well less than half a year. Everything after that will be profits that we can reinvest in either enhancing this app, marketing it or building the next one.

The Max Lift app currently has 19 reviews on iTunes and are rated a perfect 5 stars.

If you haven’t left a review yet, please do so. Your feedback will help us improve the app for its next version release.

That’s it for now. Thanks for following us, and we will be back with more shortly.


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