Max Lift One Rep Max Calculator – 30 Day Statistics

by Admin on July 1, 2012

Alright, a full month has gone by since we launched Max Lift – the One Rep Max Calculator on iTunes (technically 27 days since it launched on June 3rd).

As mentioned in the previous posts, we just logged on to see how it did over its first month. Here is the data:

Weekly App Sales on iTunes


Daily App Sales on iTunes

Almost 150 sales during the first month of launch!

The above chart shows the weekly summary, and the chart below shows the daily summary in the last few days. What is most notable here is the spike seen in the last 5 days. How and why did this happen? Traction.

It takes time for an app to gain traction. With more marketing and exposure over time, traction increases as do sales. The good news is that we have not done any aggressive marketing at all besides spreading the word to family and friends. That will change and should impact sales in the coming weeks and months.

We have also implemented some analytics measures, but it’s too early to tell what worked and what didn’t work. We will continue to monitor and report on this as we become aware of it.

145 sales at 70% (Apple keeps 30%) leaves us with just about $100.

With a net cost of $1,000 to develop the app, our break even appears to be at the 10 month period as of now. You can read more about the cost breakdown here.

Have a look at our extrapolation of day 1 sales here, which we clearly over estimated. First day sales are always inflated because the release of the app puts it on top of the Apple iTunes app page under new releases, and sales generated then may not be representative of the coming weeks and months.

So bottom line —> We are still in the RED

But that’s ok because we will break even in less than a year since the app’s launch, and the estimated date will likely be expedited as we market the app aggressively.

$100 bucks a month is certainly not money that will make us millionaires, but if you think about how the money is generated, it is purely passive in that it is not predicated on us working on it after having launched it. One can argue the ROI is infinite. $1 in passive income that you didn’t have to work for is $1 you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Our goal is to launch several applications, which overtime parlay over each other, potentially creating a reasonably sized snowball effect. We are looking forward to how it all rolls down the hill from here…

Some other points of interest…

  • Marketing costs = none so far
  • Major Accolades = none so far (although a popular body building forum just reached out for potential exposure – we are in talks)
  • Other notables = none at this point except for the spike in the last few days in sales

Upcoming marketing plan:

We will be leveraging social media to get the word out in the coming quarter (Facebook, Twitter, Google +). We will also engage in press releases as well as contacting bloggers and forum owners that play in the same niche. Video syndication will also help as we are currently only on YouTube – which by the way already have over 2,000 + views.

Our biggest marketing initiative will be focused on search engine optimization (SEO), through which we will attempt to increase the position of our app page in the overall search engine rankings whenever someone searches for a one rep max calculator. SEO is a slow and steady process that involves a lot of work now, but tons of promise down the road. We are looking to diving deeper into this organic approach to marketing as well.

Lots of fun times ahead for us. This is really our first app and we are experimenting with many things. We don’t know what will work and what will not, but it will surely be a fun process ahead exploring the unknown territories of iPhone app marketing.

We are making progress with our second app but ran into some design challenges that we are working out. We still feel we will be able to launch this app this year (keeping fingers crossed).

We will be back with another update before you know it . . .

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