Day 1 Sales Report – Max Lift One Rep Max Calculator iPhone App

by Admin on June 14, 2012

Despite not getting maximum exposure in the Apple iTunes store, the Max Lift One Rep Max Calculator did just fine on its first day of release in the iTunes app store.

2 weeks into the app’s release, we went back to check the day 1 sales report in our iTunes Connect developer’s dashboard and were pleased with what we saw. We will likely be back with the first 30 day report of the app shortly.

Bellow are the results from the day 1 sales of the one rep max calculator app on iTunes.

Day 1 App Sales - Max Lift One Rep Max Calculator

So 18 total sales on day 1! Not too shabby for something rather passive in nature, which is what we were going for. The key question is whether the trend will continue….?

Depends on how well we market it, as well as what breaks we catch. You never know who sees the app and decides to get it in front of a large audience.

Here is further breakdown of the day 1 sales in iTunes.

Day 1 App Sales Breakdown - Max Lift One Rep Max Calculator

Pretty cool stuff.

What’s encouraging is the source of purchasers.

5 different countries.  Woohoooo – We are going Global!

So how much do we pocket? If you decipher the breakdown report above, you see that Apple keeps roughly 30% of all app sales, which means for a .99c app, we pocket .693 cents per sale.

That’s it, we are all quitting our jobs!!! Can’t wait!

18 sales at .99 = $17,82 at 70% = $12.474

Extrapolated over a 30 day period = $374 / monthly or $4,490 annually

Our total spend for the first app was just around $3,000, but roughly $2,000 of that was for hardware, fixed sunk costs that we will no longer continue to incur.

Nothing earth shattering, but considering the fact that we have another 16 or so now apps in the design stages, we are potentially looking at $4,490 at 16 apps = $71,850 annually

Obviously we took liberty to assume that….

1) Our apps will all be just as profitable

2) That the trend of 18 apps per day will actually continue (we will know when we evaluate the 30 day results so stay tuned)

But assuming the extrapolation exercise works in our favor, the numbers are not too shabby considering a “set it and forget it” model.

And like we stated when we first launched, making millions is not the objective here (although it’d be nice), but knowing that we will not be in the red certainly helps us keep plugging away with this initiative.

So, what do you think? Leave your questions and comments in the form below…

Thanks to everyone who downloaded, rated and reviewed the app.

For those who didn’t, please pass the word on to anyone you feel can benefit from using the app.

Till next time…

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