iPhone App Rejection Notice from Apple – Lesson Learned

by Admin on May 27, 2012

Thankfully the design and development of the Max Lift iPhone app had gone painlessly until recently when we submitted our app to the iTunes store.

Few days back  we received a message from Apple in our inbox indicating that our binary (submission file) has been rejected. This is what the message looked like:

apple iphone app submission rejection

Disappointing to say the least, but not the end of the world. Upon reading Apple wanted us to make a minor change to the UI – user interface by eliminating the Exit option on our menu which looks like the following:

apple iphone app submission rejection

We made the change, tested the prototype and resubmitted the app within half an hour. What a bummer, another few days until we hear back as the app is in review status again. Suppose there is a first time for everything.

Lesson learned: Apple does not want you to give your users the option to “exit” a program. It is no wonder you always have a difficult time leaving an app for good and moving to the next. The only true way to close the app is to hit the home button on your iPhone twice and delete/or stop the apps from running manually. Painful if you ask us, but that’s just how Apple likes things to be.

Their rejection messages reads that apps must be able to save information on an ongoing basis. This is the rationale they provided for why they have their policies the way they do. However, what if an app saves a user’s actions real time and still provides an easy way to exit the app upon the user’s wish?  Apparently that is a no no with Apple.

Anyway – lesson learned for our next apps. Anticipating a word anytime this week on the Max Lift app.  Will make an announcement once live on iTunes.

DID you know? Apple has stopped accepting all fart type applications, period. We had a cool one in design concept which we had to abandon. Apparently after iFart there were hundreds of fart applications submitted. Apple eventually got tired of all the farting and decided to put an end to it.

What’s next?

Until then . . .

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