WELCOME! to Real Cool Apps

Real Cool Apps started because we thought it’d be real cool to develop some fun and useful apps that we wished existed but didn’t!

We are a small team of wannabe independent iPhone app developers with regular day jobs in non-IT related fields, temporarily focused on bringing some of the most creative, fun and useful SmartPhone apps to you.  We are not tech savvy or geniuses by any means, but we have some creative minds on our team and we are looking to bring our ideas to life through cool apps that we think we’ll all enjoy.

Our ideas are not complicated and neither are our apps, but we try to make them all fun and useful for our audience. We plan on writing about how we came up with our ideas, how we went about developing each app and how each app is performing in terms of marketing exposure, traffic, sales and profitability (we know you secretly want to know).

We think it’d be really cool to transparently document our progress, marketing and promotion campaigns, and our income – if we make any L 🙂 L. Of course we’re hoping to be successful, and some $$$ would be good, but we are in this purely for fun and experimental purposes, and we plan on documenting and sharing all of our experiences along the way. If we hit it big, we will make you a shareholder!  If we don’t, you still get to play with our real cool apps.

We are starting out with iPhone apps, but plan on developing Android apps as well.  We are also planning on branching out to entertainment and GaG apps in the future as well as we’ve got some real cool ideas brewing in the pot.

We are running all sorts of cool apps experiments so be sure to check back for the latest and greatest.  Subscribe to our email updates below where we will be communicating all new developments, new application launches, updates and all sorts of other good stuff.  We will also be giving away some cool free apps!

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Thanks for checking us out!

The Real Cool Apps Team